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Read about the Jelling monument area and see the pictures.

Things are changing in Jelling – for the better.

With the development plan from 2009 Vejle Municipality started an important journey for The Jelling Monuments and for Jelling City. With this plan everything will come to its right.


The Development Plan 

The process has begun and started with the framing of the two Runic Stones. Roads around the monument area have been closed and the new bypass road was opened in august. This will make more room for Gorm’s Mound and make it easier for everyone to enter the city without disturbing the monument area.

 Archaeological excavations from 2008 – 2012 have revealed many new findings. An impressive palisade encircling the monument area and the remains of three long houses have had special focus. The church has also been object to new excavations.

 To learn more, download the pamphlet “Development Plan”.


More than monuments

The monuments are an important part of Jelling city. This is why the area is used for different activities over the year. In July you can experience the life of true vikings at the Jelling Viking Market. Later in the summer you have the chance to enjoy wonderfull music right next to the mounds. 

See more about the Viking Market here 

See the pictures from recent years' music arrangements in Jelling 





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